What is VoiceThread?

Excerpted from the website:

What’s a VoiceThread anyway? Transforming media into collaborative spaces with video, voice, and text commenting. read more

VoiceThread is an online media album that can hold essentially any type of media (images, documents and videos) and allows people to make comments in 5 different ways – using voice (with a microphone or telephone), text, audio file, or video (with a webcam) – and share them with anyone they wish. A VoiceThread allows group conversations to be collected and shared in one place, from anywhere in the world. (Voicethread 4 Education)

How will we use VoiceThread?

  • This section is where I will put up weekly lessons where all students may attempt to answer the questions together. I will guide the learning with helps, hints and at the end of the week an explanation – if it is not adequately explained as a group.
  • Students can also email their math questions and we can work on them together on a VoiceThread. These questions will be collected into a database so students can review them to receive step-by-step solutions.

Check out these for more detailed explanations:

Example of a Math VoiceThread:

VoiceThread Blog

Many great topics including sample work and research supporting VoiceThread’s use in the classroom can be found on their blog

  • VoiceThread Digital Library
    • “The Digital Library is a database of articles about successful VoiceThread projects. Our hope is to create a resource that offers guidance and inspiration for people undertaking new projects. Please contribute a VoiceThread to help the Digital Library grow.”
  • VoiceThread Effects On Learning
    • “A total of 101 students were surveyed and 87 responded (an 88% response rate). Out of those who responded, 70% of the students either strongly agreed or agreed that the use of VoiceThread contributed to establishing a sense of community in this class. Community is an important element in fostering a student’s motivation to continue with an online class, as online learners continually struggle with feelings of isolation as they go about their learning experience physically isolated from their classmates and instructor.”
  • The Power of the Human Voice
    • “This video from SECC, details an amazing VoiceThread project created by Gail Desler, Halerin Ferrier, and 4th grade students from Prairie Elementary School. Letters from the Internment Camps brings elements of historical research, ethics, art, self-reflection, writing, speaking, and collaboration, all together in a VoiceThread. The result is truly remarkable.”
  • The Horizon Report
    • “Traditionally, a learning environment has been a physical space, but the idea of what constitutes a learning environment is changing. The “spaces” where students learn are becoming more community-driven, interdisciplinary, and supported by technologies that engage virtual communication and collaboration. This changing concept of the learning environment has clear implications for schools, where learning is the key focus of the space.”