A. Note from the Instructor

As an instructor, I pride myself on an efficient and smooth running classroom. To achieve this I have established a few simple procedures. As a student, it is your responsibility to learn and perform these procedures. Through these procedures, I promise to you a more organized and effective learning experience.


A procedure is the way that we do things. To do things right, we have to follow some simple procedures, for example:

  • To open your locker, you have to select your combination as directed by the lock manufacturer.
  • To cook a delicious meal, you need to follow the steps in the recipe.
  • To place a call on your phone, you need to enter the number in the right order.

So, to be successful in learning, you need to follow some simple procedures.

B. Most Common Procedures

  • Entering the Classroom

You are to enter the classroom without screaming, running, or otherwise causing a ruckus. Students who do not do this will be asked to leave the room and reenter as expected. It is expected that as soon as you enter you first go to the center table and pickup any handouts or hand in homework in the appropriate tray. You should then get anything you need around the room (grade check, pencil sharpening, tissue, etc.). Once seated, check the front screen for the day’s bellwork. You should also check the side chalkboard for the day’s assignment (write it down so you don’t forget). You can also use this time to briefly speak with me or make an appointment to make-up a test or get extra help.

  • Bellwork

Everyday will begin with bellwork. You will find the bellwork on the front screen. Bellwork should be started before the bell rings. Most bellwork will involve specific instructions for preparing for quizzes. Other times the bellwork may be to answer a question or fill out a form. Bellwork is required.

  • Picking up Materials for Day

Any handouts that you will need on a given day will be found in the tray, on the middle table marked “Please Take One.” If the tray or sign isn’t there, you don’t need to pick up anything, just begin the day’s bellwork. If you arrive late and picking up the handouts will cause a distraction, sign-in, go to your seat, and raise your hand (use hand signals) when it is appropriate to do so.

  • Handing in Homework

If there is an assignment that you need to hand in, place it in the tray, on the middle table, marked “Please Deposit Homework Here.” If the tray or sign isn’t there, keep the assignment and begin the day’s bellwork. If you arrive late and handing in the homework will cause a distraction, sign-in, go to your seat, and raise your hand (hand signal) when it is appropriate to do so.

  • Coming to Attention

When I need to quiet the class, I will raise my hand. When you see this you are expected to stop your conversation, look at me, and raise your hand. This is only complete when all hands are up and the class is quiet.

  • Arriving Late

When you enter the room late (with or without a pass) you need not disturb the class. Simply sign your name and the appropriate information on the clipboard by the door. Print clearly and sign only your name. Signing a name other that your own will result in immediate referral to the principal’s office. If you have a pass, pin it to the wall above the clipboard. If you must speak with me, sign-in, go to your seat, and raise your hand (hand signal) when it is appropriate to do so.

  • Leaving the Classroom

The bell does not dismiss the class, I do. Do not pack up until I dismiss the class. Do not leave your seats until I dismiss the class. “People who pack fast shall leave last.”

  • Absences

On the day you return from an absence you should arrive early to class. The first thing to do is check the teacher’s website ( The website will likely answer any questions regarding “what we did” when you were gone. If there are any questions beyond the website, speak with me before class begins, after class, or during office hours.

  • Extra Handouts

If you need a handout, because you were absent or just lost your first one, go to the appropriate “extras box” on the bottom shelf, next to the student center. Do not ask me for handouts, go straight to the box.

  • Make-Up Tests

If you are absent for a test day (not the day before a test) you will have to arrange for a make-up test. Make-up tests are done on Fridays in the morning or afternoon. You will sign-up for the test and receive a green reminder slip. Make these appointments before class begins, after class, or during office hours.

  • Detentions

As indicated in the Class Policies, you will receive one warning if you choose to behave inappropriately and have your name put on the board. If you continue to choose to behave inappropriately, you will have a check placed next to your name and I will remind you to see me right after class. There will be no conversation or debate regarding detentions. When class is dismissed, you will see me, sign-up for the detention, and receive a pink reminder slip. Failure to speak with me after class will result in immediate principal’s referral.

  • Using the Bathroom

The bathroom may only be used in emergencies. (The appropriate hand signal will be used to ask) A pass is needed for leaving the class. Do not ask to use the washroom or go to your locker before class begins; just go before you get to class.

Anyone late for any reason is late.

  • Procedures may be changed or added by the instructor. All procedures will be thoroughly rehearsed as a class.