At the start of each day or period, have an assignment for students to complete as they enter the classroom.

What will this assignment be?

  • The bellwork assignment will be 3 or 4 questions from the previous day’s material.

What are they to do upon completion of the assignment?

  • We will mark it as a class, each student marking his own. They will then record there mark on the record sheet at the front of their bellwork duo-tang.The actual bellwork assignment will be put in the back of the duo-tang.

What is the procedure for students to complete their bellwork assignments each day?

  • Student will take the bellwork template sheet from the predetermined place (if they have ran out of blank ones in there bellwork duo-tang).Students will find the assignment written on the board (same place everyday) or if they are absent it will be in the moodle section.

How will you create your bellwork assignments?

  • The questions will probably come from the textbook.

What are students to do when they complete the assignment?

  • Students will get out there notebooks, sharp pencil, calculator… ready to learn.

Is there a special notebook to use for bellwork assignments?

  • Yes, a duo-tang that every student will bring to class with them.
  • Binder that you always leave in my classroom for me to check at my convenience. You will pick it up at the beginning of every class.

How will it be checked or corrected?

We will mark it as a class, the student will then record it on the record sheet at the beginning of their duo-tang. The teacher will collect the duo-tangs weekly (probably every Friday) and check over them to see where help is needed.