Classroom Guidelines

Guideline #1

Be in your assigned seat and working on the assigned bell work when the tardy bell rings.

Guideline #2

Bring ALL books and materials to class and take them with you when you leave.

Guideline #3

Follow directions the first time they are given.

Guideline #4

Treat each person in this room with respect and dignity.

Guideline #5

Follow all procedures and policies as outlined in the Schools handbooks.

Special Guideline

This classroom is a No Whining Zone. That means that there will be no whining, for ANY reason. Everything that I do is in your best interest, so pleaserespect the No Whining Zone this semester.

Following Guidelines will result in:

Verbal Acknowledgment

A Stress free learning environment

A pleasant and orderly classroom atmosphere

Not Following Guidelines will result in:

1 st – Warning and documentation

2 nd – Action Plan, Parental Contact, and 30 minute after school detention

3 rd – Disciplinary Referral

Severe Clause

Any student who uses profanity, fights, damages school property (this includes the property of the teacher and other students), or is disrespectful (as defined by the teacher) will be sent to the office IMMEDIATELY.