Classroom Rules

Class Policies

A. Note from the Instructor

I will lead a respectful and disciplined classroom. To achieve this I have established a few simple policies. As a student, it is your responsibility to comply with these policies. If you decide not to comply, there will be logical consequences. By enforcing these policies, I promise to you fairness and order in our classroom.

B. Class Rules

Watch Your Mouth – Students will exhibit courtesy and respect toward all other students at all times. Hateful comments concerning race, gender, sexuality, political views, appearance, or of any other type will not be tolerated; this applies to serious as well as “joking” comments.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself – Physical contact of any kind is not permitted. Violation of this simple rule will be punished by the most severe consequences possible.

Stay in Your Seat – Do not walk around during class unless directed to do so. Have everything you need ready before class begins.

Leave the Food at Home – Students may not eat or drink in the classroom. This includes gum and candy. Closable containers of water are permitted.

I Need to See Your Eyes – Students may not sleep in class. To prevent this, students’ eyes must be open and visible to the instructor at all times.

Nothing Goes Airborne – Nothing will go airborne in class at any time. This includes pens, paper, and other students.

Do Not Say “Shut Up” – This phrase has no place in school. Do not use it.

C. If YOU CHOOSE to Break a Rule

Punishments will always fit the crime. Of course there are behaviors that will warrant a Principal’s Referral immediately. Examples of this include gross insubordination or violent behavior. Behaviors that are less severe, but in violation of the basic rules of the class will be dealt with in the manner described below. This format is in no way all inclusive and is subject to change:

1st Incident – Warning and name on board

2nd Incident – 30-minute detention and check next to name

3rd Incident – 60-minute detention, phone call home, and second check

4th Incident – Principal’s referral and phone call home

** Warnings carry over for the entire week. Name and checks will be erased on Fridays. However, continued violations will be noted and dealt with appropriately. **

D. Detentions

All detentions will be served on Friday. Detentions can be served before or after school. One day notice will always be given. Students receiving a detention on a Friday may serve it the following Friday if necessary.

E. Tardies and Late Arrivals

A student who is not in the classroom when the bell sounds, is considered either late or tardy. A student is tardy if he is without a pass after the bell. A student is late if he arrives with a pass after the bell. Tardy and Late students need to signin at the clipboard by the door, and are not to disrupt the class. Late students need to pin their pass to the wall above the clipboard. There is no penalty for arriving late with a pass. The tardy penalty is explained below:

Definition: A student is tardy if he is not inside the classroom when the bell stops ringing and does not have a pass.

First Tardy – Student receives a warning.

Second Tardy – Student is referred to the Principal. Further tardies will be handled by the Principal’s office asindicated in the student handbook.

F. Academic Honesty

It is expected that students will use genuine, sincere, and fair means for the accomplishment of the tests, tasks, or projects from which evaluations of progress shall be determined. Students found plagiarizing, copying or cheating in any way will receive automatic zeros and have phone calls made to their parents. In addition, a write-up of the incident will be given to the student’s counselor. Flagrant or repeated offenses will result in a failing grade for the quarter or semester depending on the nature of the incident.

G. Attendance

If a student has an excused absence from class he or she is responsible for the assignments/homework that missed. The student has as many days as he or she was absent to make up the assignments. It is up to the student to inquire about missed work and tests. Zeros will be given if a student fails to make up work within an acceptable time frame. Unexcused absences void all make-up privileges.

H. Late Work

Homework assignments may not be turned in late. Papers and projects may be turned in late with a penalty of one letter grade for each day late.

I. Make-Up Tests

If a student has an excused absence for a test day, he may make up the test in the morning or afternoon on Fridays. Arranging a make-up requires signing in with the instructor. A missed make-up appointment without notice will result in a zero. Quizzes are not to be made-up. Instead, the previous night’s homework will be handed in and graded in place of the quiz.